Pico-8 and atom

I love Lexaloffles fantasy console. But I would like to use Atom for coding. Recently I’ve seen a screenshot by Jacopo Colò on Twitter

I’ve asked him what kind of setup he is using. And it’s a lot easier than I thought.

He uses Atom and Pico-8 in split-view. I’ve googled around and found some nice Atom extensions to be used with Pico-8. Here is my final setup:

  • For syntax highlighting I’m using language-pico8by Keiya Bachhuber
  • To be able to run my code directly from atom, I’m using script by Kyle Kelley.

Script needs some setup to run with Pico-8. Edit the configuration located in ~/.atom/packages/script/lib/grammars.coffee and add

    "File Based":
      command: "/Applications/PICO-8.app/Contents/MacOS/pico8"
      args: (context) -> ["-run",context.filepath]

Now you are able to run run .p8files using CMD-SHIFT-Pand type run. Pico-8 will be started with your cartridge. Leave Pico-8 open and edit your code. Save and press CMD-R in Pico-8 to reload your cartridge. Now arrange your editor an Pico-8 windows as you like.

Thats all! Happy Coding!