Three things I’ve learned: October 2017

Here are my three most important things I’ve learned in October 2017

  1. In October I’ve started reading #BusyBusy written by Tony Crabbe and the book inspired me a lot. I’ve started to change my life at work and private. Getting a step back from Getting all things done to Get important things done. I’ve learned to deactivate my mail notifications and to attend only meetings which have an agenda and where I am really needed. There are many more great things you can do to stop being busy without being a lazy guy at work ;) Give this book a try! It’s really inspiring.
  2. While I was traveling to Munich for giving a talk about Why open matters I got a call by the conference organisers. Their keynote speaker had a pneumonia and they thought my topic may also work as a keynote. I did it. And it was frightening, great and a challenge. My keynote wasn’t perfect and I was very nervous. But I think it was ok. At least I had some fun and it was a big step forward giving talks.
  3. Sometimes you have to step back and let someone else do something. You couldn’t help everywhere. Recognising this moment is something I definitely have to learn much more. But I did a first baby step.