Three things I’ve learned: November 2017

Here are my three things I’ve learned in November 2017. It’s all about Workshops and community driven events, Alexa and being a manager.

Giving a workshop and attending community driven events.

I’ve finally found time to give an internal workshop about Become a Speaker at the company I am working. I’ve started with How to write a good Bio. It’s very rewarding teaching people who are eager to get into a topic. It’s a pleasure to see how much fun they have and giving you a good and constructive feedback.

In November I’ve attended a Barcamp in my region and I’ve had a session about Open Web and Standards. Basically it was the same talk I had the pleasure to give a keynote last month. The feedback of attendees is deeper at a Barcamp compared to the commercial conference. I got more things to think about and a closer contact to people who are really interested in this topic. in 2018 I’ve planned to talk more at User Groups, Barcamps or other non-commercial events.

„I don’t need an Alexa“ - But I like it!

When I saw the first Amazon Echo device, I though: Who needs this shit? Now I have a new Echo Generation 2. and I have to admit: It’s nice! And I’m using it frequently. Controlling Lights, playing music, get the daily update etc. There are really use cases for me I’ve never expected. And my children are loving it. Next step is getting into creating Skills and maybe I’ve getting into some Serverless things like Lambda, too. What I’ve learned: I have to stop saying something is needless when it’s coming into markets.

Tough decisions while being a manager

I’m working as a technical director and I am managing a great team. In November I had to execute some tough decisions. This is very hard and reminded me that there is always a b-side of every job position. You have to deal with decisions you may not be comfortable with. There are people who are able to decide without any emotion (or at least, they acting like they do not have any emotions). Don’t be that person. Always give a helping hand. There is always a human being behind the human resource. This is a task a good manger and leader has to do! Don’t be a jerk!