Three things I’ve learned: May 2018

This time I’ve learned about conferences, GDPR and why new technologies aren’t always the best solutions.

Did a lot of conferences

I’ve been speaking at Code Motion Amsterdam at the beginning of may. The week after I’ve been in Vienna for We are Developers which is a great conference. I’ve seen Steve „Woz“ Wozniak and John Romero giving inspirational talks. And I’ve been at a PHP User Group giving a talk about WebXR. This were inspirational weeks and I’ve enjoyed every single one of the trips. The most rewarding trip was visiting the PHP User Group Dresden. A community organised events are powerful, people love what they do. It was amazing.

GDPR came „suddenly“!

On May, 25th we got GDPR in Europe. For many companies it came „suddenly“. I’ve got the first info in late 2016. But nevertheless we got surprised, too ;). I’m clueless how early something has to be introduced to be prepared. It annoys me that people are ignoring any informations until it’s nearly to late. And when you try to sensitise someone they get upset, feel taught and pressurised.

Uber has it’s flaws

Being in Vienna, we used Uber once to get to the Convention Centre. It was an awful experience. The driver didn’t read any road signs and missed some exits. He brought us to a very strange end of the convention center and we needed to walk through a car park. The following days we used the Vienna underground and it was an seamless experience. What I’ve learned? New technologies aren’t the best choices every time.