Three things I’ve learned: March 2018

This month is characterized by my SXSW 2018 participation. It’s about missing luggage, VR and SXSW itself.


I’ve been at SXSW2018. It was great. SXSW is large, it’s crazy and it’s definitly worth attending. But not for the Conference. I don’t like the panel format. several people talking about a topic - I don’t like it. The keynotes are great. They inspired me. What’s really worth attending is networking. We’ve been at a Rodeo with 35 other germans and it was great. And don’t forget the parties, the houses and other interesting little things all over Austin/TX.

Put some Pants in your hand baggage!

While travelling to Austin via Chicago my luggage has taken the wrong flight. Luckily I’ve had some clothes (T-Shirts, Pants etc) for about 2 days in my hand baggage. I’ve never done this before and I’m really glad I did it. It’s definitely on my packing list from now on. And I’ve learned, there is a nice page to track your lost suitcases.

VR isn’t dead. It’s just not only for Gaming!

I’ve been at Nonny de la Peñas keynote at SXSW 2018. She demonstrated how to use VR for immersive journalism. Her company Emblematic Group is specialised in creating VR, AR and MR experiences and films. Her keynote was inspiring for me in the fact that VR isn’t just for gaming. A fact I always try to convey in my WebVR talks. Emblematic uses VR for retelling real stories and the listener could literally be in the story. Her keynote was definitely inspiring for me and my upcoming talks about WebVR.