Two things I’ve learned: January 2018

January was a disaster. One of my best mates from youth has passed away. This month I’ve got only two real things. Loosing a friend and being at his funeral is hurting. Here are my two things I’ve learned January.

Loosing a friend

A friend of mine has passed away in January. We’ve gone through school and we’ve studied together. We’ve not been able to keep in touch after studying. I always wanted to call him or visit him. But I never did. Now he is gone. I’ve got no chance to talk to him anymore. My advice: If you want to stay in contact, do it. Do it now. Not tomorrow. Call the person, visit her/him.

I’ve read: 4-hour-work week by Tim Ferriss

Well, the book is weird. It is inspiring but otherwise it’s a bit strange. Some advices are (IMHO) nonsense. Others are good. Tim Ferriss’ main advice is to outsource yourself. He managed to reduces his working hours, but it seems like he already had enough customers and money to go through it. He didn’t do this while he was broke. Thats what I don’t like on the book. But I still would recommend reading it. There is a lot of stuff which you can use in your daily life. If I had to rate with five stars, I would have given four.