Three things I’ve learned: February 2018

Here are my three things I’ve learned in February 2018. This time it’s about culture, web standards and dropping ideas.

Abused Web Standards

I’ve talked about Web APIs and I always loved the notifications API. It makes me angry seeing pages like ordinary blogs asking for permissions to use notifications. Once again a great feature for the open web is being abused and it’s getting useless and annoying. Now I hope I could globally opt-out for every browser. Please, Mozilla, gimme a flag to deactivate notifications globally. Would be good for a user but it’s bad for standards.

It’s about culture

No, I don’t mean company culture. It’s about cultures of different countries. We are working with a Chinese based company. Communication is difficult. Not because we are in different time zones. Thats something you can handle. Communication is difficult. English isn’t common in China. Working with translators means you’ll always loose some information. My advice? To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe being patient? Ask often ask precise.

Is it a bad idea?

Follow situation: You are brainstorming an idea. You are confident it’s a great idea. You are working on it. During your process you are making some interviews with potential customers. The result: No one thinks it’s a product they’ll need. What to do now? We’ve decided to stop for now. Next time we’ll get sooner into prototyping and user testing and interviewing. It’s a truism but: Fail fast, fail often.