Three things I’ve learned: December 2017

Here are my three things I’ve learned in December 2017. This time it’s about AR, Innovation and 3D-Printer.


I’ve started to learn how ARKit is being used. It is amazing how fast you are able to create some simple AR-Applications. Native iOS development was a book of seven seals for me. With Swift I got (slowly) into it and with ARKit I found something which I was curios enough to get deeper into something not being web related. And I finally started to write some code again.

Innovation - Something you can’t enforce as a culture

Being innovative - that’s what most companies trying to achieve. But if you are a service provider or agency you have to find the sweet spot between getting paid for work and being cutting-edge with innovations. Most time you are not able or even not allowed to work with latest technologies, innovative ideas may not be wanted or rewarded.

You are not able to enforce an innovation culture in your company. It’s something which has to grow. Introducing new tools to collect ideas is not enough. And most important: It’s nothing which should be induced by management levels. People in your company should be intrinsic motivated being innovative, to think outside the box - without loosing the view on the paid work. Management must provide time and space. It’s a thin line to find a balance between every days business and realizing crazy ideas.

3D printing isn’t easy as 1, 2, 3

I’ve bought a 3D printer. It is a DIY kit. Around 8h later I’ve finished building it. After that I thought I could print a cube. I’ve failed ;) There are many parameters you have to finetune before you even got the filament stuck on your printing bed. Using hairspray, glue sticks and masking tape. Levelling the heating bed. Another 6-8h later I was able to print the desired cube in a very poor quality. Now I have to fine tune printing parameters like nozzle and heating bed temperature, thickness of first and following layers etc. Yes, it’s complex. But after getting into all those parameters it’s really impressive what you can do with a 3D printer.