Three things I’ve learned: April 2018

This time I’ve learned about innovation, WebVR and starting to love reading a lot of books.

What is innovation?

A question I’ve asked myself a lot at April. Is it a new framework, a new product or somethings you’ve never expected? I am not talking about rockets being able to land again, that’s truly innovative. Let’s take a look at chat bots for example. Are they still an innovation or is it mainstream? Conversational interfaces are mainstream this days - or not? But the technologies a chat bot could rely on are IMHO innovations. I’m talking about Deep Learning and Machine Learning. How a company works could also be an innovation if it’s solving problems they had before. Other companies may not say it’s an innovation. Seems like it is subjective. And I’m still searching for an answer to my question: What is innovation?

WebVR evolved fast!

I’ve given some talks about WebVR the last two years. While I was preparing an updated version after having a „break“ from talking about WebVR I’ve realized: It evolved fast. New APIs, new focus (WebXR) and great support from browser vendors. This shows how fast technology is being developed. Technology nowadays is constantly being improved, especially for the web. And this is a very good thing! What I’ve learned? You can’t be up to date on everything! Focus on things you’re really interested in.

Reading books

I’ve listened and read 14 books in the last six month. From fiction to non-fiction. Most books were non-fiction and related to digitisation, leading teams and leadership. I’ve learned a lot of nice little things and I was able to reduce procrastinating time at home. My mobile is not my number one time killer anymore.