Recap? Ok, but short and as a list!

  • Public Speaking
    • I had the pleasure speaking at seven conferences and one Barcamp. I visited Berlin, Munich, Mainz (Mayence) and Nuremberg.
  • Job
    • What a ride. Ups and downs, but always fun. 2016 will rock…
  • Game Development
    • Started at least two little projects. None of them finished. I’m still at HTML5-Games with Phaser. 2016 I want to dive into something new. Maybe Löve or Unity. We will see.
    • Found some people who want to make a “bigger” game. First meetings were promising. I hope we get some traction.
  • Music
    • At the end of 2015 I’ve found a little band searching for a Bass-Player. Covering some Rolling Stones! So far I like it. But more than three years of not playing an instrument requires some more practicing.
  • Family
    • Couldn’t be better ;)